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removes excess oil from the skin
removes excess oil from the skin

Anti-Acne Serum

  • Margosa
  • Aloe Vera
  • Saffron
  • Babchi Seeds
  • Alkanet Root
  • Wild Turmeric

Our miracle serum is a light-weight, gentle formula that works wonders for acne-prone skin by killing the bacteria that cause acne inflammation. It not only removes excess oil from the skin but also speed up the growth of new skin cells and the removal of dead skin cells. Unlike other over the counter products, it does not cause any flakiness, redness or stinging due to its unique blend of nature’s finest ingredients. No-more hiding and concealing of those nasty spots and breakouts.

    Anti Acne Serum Benefits
    - Treats Acne
    - Reduce scars
    - Slows down the growth of facial hair
    - Treats several skin ailments including eczema

    Apply 2, 3 drops daily at night time

    Shake well before use

    Store in room temperature