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Rose and Honey Toner
Rose and Honey Toner

Rose & Honey Toner

  • Sundal White
  • Rose Water
  • Honey
  • Turmeric

A refreshing and hydrating toner enriched with the goodness of Rose and Honey combined. Spray liberally post cleansing to get an instant burst of hydration and nourishment while it tightens the pores. Honey provides an instant boost of moisture and skin protection due to its anti-bacterial and humectant properties whereas Rose works its magic to give you a freshened, mattified and healthy skin that smells like divine roses. 

Rose & Honey Toner Benefits
- Soothes Skin
- Tightens Skin
- Hydrates & Refreshes Skin
- Helps to Remove Oil & Makeup

Close eyes and gently spray onto face, neck and body to refresh and tone skin