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saffron Serum of SL Basics, Saffron, natural glow
saffron Serum of SL Basics, Saffron, natural glow

Gold & Saffron Serum

  • Punica Flower
  • Saffron
  • Red Santalum
  • Margosa Oil
  • Gold

An ultra-light weight miracle baby, infused with real gold extracts which activates basal cells of the skin. Saffron – a powerful antioxidant that pampers and rejuvenates deeply so that you and skin outshine like a royalty. Our serum is carefully crafted with the finest and purest strands of Saffron amalgamated with gold extracts that absorb quickly into the skin to target areas such as fine lines, pre-mature aging and wrinkles while providing a flawless sheen.

    Gold & Saffron Benefits
    - Enhances complexion
    - Treats acne and breakout
    - Improves skin texture
    - Fights blemishes and lightens dark spots

    Apply 2, 3 drops on cleansed skin daily

    Can be used as a makeup primer

    Shake well before use

    Store in room temperature